I was an overworked high school teacher working an exhausting 80+ hours per week and then I discovered...

"How to Break All The Rules And Build a Super Responsive List That Puts Money In Your Pocket On Autopilot"

Frustrated and don't know where to turn? Know you need to build a list but don't know how to start? Going round in circles day after day?

By Lee McIntyre

Can I have your permission to share with you a concept that's so powerful it changed my life and which could change yours too?

What I'm about to share is so incredible it will change the way you do business online forever. But first here's an interesting question that I'd like you to answer.....

If the gurus really are the experts then why are the people who buy their books still left grasping for answers?

Just think about it for a second. Thousands of people rush off to hand over money to grab the 'magic bullet' only to be left scratching their heads....

Feeling Frustrated And Alone

If the gurus are selling thousands of dollars worth of information on how to build a business fast , then why does almost everyone who buys these books fail before they've even got started?

And here's something else to think about too....

Several months ago I was a full time teacher and I was like an information hoover. I bought every ebook and read every newsletter too.

I worked damn hard and wouldn't let go. This was my dream and I wasn't going to give up until I'd climbed to the top.

Cracking the internet marketing code was my personal Everest and the challenge consumed me. I lived and breathed this stuff, and had a big black hole in my bank account to prove it....

Working Day After Day Trying to Crack The Code

I listened and I learned and yet I STILL couldn't put the all the pieces together. I was left feeling frustrated and alone with my dream in tatters.

Have you ever had a sneaking niggle that those at the top weren't always telling the whole truth? That they were holding something back so you'd keep on buying their ebooks and reading their emails?

Yeah, well you're not alone and I know exactly how it feels to have your hopes and dreams bodyslammed into the monitor night after night.

The good news is that I'm here to give the answers you crave and I don't care who complains about it either. Buckle up because...


I'm About To Drop A Bombshell

You've not achieved online success because you've spent too long listening to the wrong people giving bad advice...

I'm about to reveal how I went from dead broke high school teacher to massively successful internet marketer in just a few months by completely ignoring everything I'd been taught before.

Do you know the old saying 'if it isn't broke don't fix it'?

Yeah, well it works both ways too, and the internet marketing 'solution' that we're given by the experts is well and truly in need of repair...

Well, all that's about to change because I'm going to share with you...

The Real Secrets of Online Income

I feel your frustration, but the good news is you're finally in the right place for answers. The only place where you'll get the real story from someone who doesn't care about the consequences.

Just a few short months ago my online dreams were hanging by a threadInstead of giving up I ignored everything I'd been told and started again. I wiped the past from my mind and started an internet business on my terms and the results were simply *shocking*.

I discovered....

  • Overdelivery and value were more powerful than hype and spin - The experts told me I was crazy as I ditched the spin and concentrated on substance but my subscribers thanked me and the rewards were stunning.
  • The most effective form of viral marketing is a loyal group of subscribers who are stunned by your content - Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive software I focussed on looking after my subscribers and in return they looked after me.
  • Giving away content for free meant receiving more back in return – I stretched myself to give away fantastic freebies at every opportunity and my list thanked me by buying the next promotion in their droves.
  • Trusting your subscribers, and not training them, is the fastest way to online profits – I treated my subscribers like members of my own family and they responded by becoming red hot raving fans.
I ignored the experts and did things my way and I was blown away by the results. In short, I did everything upside down and back to front.

And the results were stunning....

Mailing Lists Unleashed Proof

Mailing Lists Unleashed Proof

The screenshots above didn't come overnight and I worked my business hard. But by playing by a different set of rules and ignoring the experts I was able to quit my job in just a few months and enjoy the kind of lifestyle I'd dreamed about.

And the best bit is I was able to do it with a smile on my face too...

By breaking all the 'guru' rules, and by treating my subscribers how I would like to be treated, I was able to win their trust and earn their respect.

MORE PROOF That Ditching The Gurus And Playing By The New Rule Book Can Produce Incredible Results...

Mailing Lists Unleashed Proof

Until August of 2007 I was a hard working school teacher with nothing more than a dream of online success. Using my own powerful system I was able to enjoy the kind of results that allowed me to quit my day job in record time.

If you've tried and failed and couldn't quite undertstand why then it's time for a fresh approach. Buckle up because I'm about to drop a bombshell....

Introducing: Mailing Lists Unleashed...Secret Steps To Turbo Charged Email Income!

Mailing Lists Unleashed is my complete guide to massive email income from scratch. The game has changed and this is the new rule book showing you how to build a super responsive list in the shortest time possible.

I cut out the hype and show you my powerful private profit formula that I use to finally level the playing field. This is NOT the same old regurgitated drivel that you might be used to seeing.

This is brand new information that will show you why everything you've ever been taught is wrong and how you can turn this to your advantage starting today!

The perfect book for anyone struggling to generate subscribers and make sales

"Thanks for letting me review your latest offering 'Mailing Lists Unleashed'. It still amazes me how you find the time to produce all of your eBooks to such a high standard, you must be a quick typer!

Mailing Lists Unleashed is the perfect book for anyone struggling to generate subscribers and make sales. Everything is laid out in easy to follow steps and written in plain English so you don't have to be a tech-head to understand it!

Everything from setting up your squeeze page to making sure subscribers confirm their email address is covered. So if you are currently stuck in 1st gear, take the step upto to the next level and give Lee's book a try!"

Dan Thompson, BoomerangListBuilder.com

This Great Book Leaves No Stone Unturned

"How good is 'Mailing Lists Unleashed'?

Well, I knew that Lee was a teacher before, but even if I didn't, I'd be able to tell by how he writes.

This report leaves no stone unturned, as it makes sure you fully understand all the steps in putting in place a full mailing list building strategy.

Also, reading Lee's ebook gave me a big slap upside the head. It reminded me to do something I had not yet incorporated, and I estimate that my complacency in doing so has left a lot of money on the table.

By following Lee's easy, step-by-step report, you won't be missing out like I stupidly did.

Should 'Mailing Lists Unleashed' be in your IM arsenal? Only if you want to make the most money possible."

Kevin Riley, ProductCreationLabs.com

I'm going to show you why everything you've been taught before is wrong and what you can do about it.

This is a blow by blow account of how to create a profitable email newsletter in any niche by doing the exact opposite of what the gurus tell you!

A Complete A-Z Of Mailing List Profits!

Here's just a small fraction of what you'll discover on the inside...

  • Why the traditional model of affiliate marketing is flawed and how it's slowly killing you business - You'll be shocked when you discover that the way you're taught to promote products is actually dangerous to your wealth. I'll show you how you can turn this situation around and have the edge over 95% of the other affiliates out there.
  • Why you need to stop 'selling' and how a few subtle but powerful changes can have a dramatic impact upon your profits - I laugh when I read the overhyped emails that hit my inbox every day. Learn how lowering the sales volume will actually explode your sales.
  • The single most important thing you must do to ensure success– Get this right and you have a chance but get it wrong and it's game over before it's even begun. You'll be shocked when you realize that 95% of marketers aren't doing this but their loss will be your gain.
  • How to automate your list building efforts in a way that almost guarantees your success - Follow my secret system and create a 'set it and forget it' system that sucks in subscribers like moths to a flame.
  • Why everything you've been told about list building is wrong and how to profit from other people's mistakes - I'm going to spell out exactly why I think the 'experts' have got this horribly wrong and I'll give you my secret blueprint to follow instead.
  • The real secrets of how to build a responsive list and how giving away freebies can double your income - Get this right and you're going to blow away the competition but get it wrong and you'll be down and out before it's even begun.
  • The 6 golden rules that you must follow to create a cash spewing squeeze page that converts like crazy - I'm going to show you the fastest way to squeeze page profits and how you can build your own high converting page today. I'll even show you some of my squeeze pages and give you the low down and why they convert at 40% + every time.

And a LOT more too!

My new blueprint is BETTER THAN ANYTHING I've ever produced and is packed full of content.

This is the real deal and I'm going to teach you the secrets that have allowed me to explode my income by doing the opposite to everything that has gone before.

What you're about to see will change the way you think about making money online and it will open your eyes to the endless possibilities in front of you.

This is a Fantastic Ebook

"I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. This is a fantastic ebook that cuts out the mystery of running a profitable newsletter, and it's a great read too!

I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking to make more money from their email marketing. Keep up the great work and thanks for the fantastic book."

Tony Shepherd, Tony-Shepherd.com

Here's another small sample of what you'll discover today...

  • 4 powerful tricks to increase your email confirmation rate in as little as one hour - I'm going to show you how I boosted my confirmation rate in double quick time and how you can do the same. NOTE: This alone has increased my income by thousands and could do the same for you too!
  • How to write hypnotic newsletters that will have your subscribers singing your praises while also opening their wallets - My newsletters earn me rave reviews AND thousands of dollars. I'm going to show you why and give you the tools needed to write the kind of content that will leave your readers hungry for more.
  • The 6 pieces of email marketing advice that the experts will give you which is actually poisonous to your business - I'm going to nail the 'experts' once and for all and reveal my 6 powerful alternative strategies that I use instead. This stuff works and if you follow my 6 point plant then it can work for you too!
  • How to add a metric ton of value to your newsletter that will make you stand out in any niche at any time - I'm going to show you a couple of quick tricks to make your newsletter stand head and shoulders above the crowd...even before you've written a word!
  • Simple 30 second tricks and tips that will allow you to explode your newsletter income week after week - I've been testing and tracking my newsletter for weeks and I know what works. Let me show you some of my instant profit changes and how you can use them to give your income a shot in the arm.
  • How to turn your email newsletter into a Google magnet that attracts dozens of extra subscribers for zero extra work - You're going to get two for the price of one with this one as I show you how to use your newsletter as Google bait. This is powerful stuff that will add an extra profit center to your business in minutes!
  • How to nurture your list and build instant and long term income - I'm going to take the sting out of the tail for you by showing you the right way to keep your list happy while asking for sales at the same time. Get this right and there's no limit to your online earning potential.
  • How to use automated follow up emails for maximum effect without the guesswork - Take advantage of the dozens of hours that I've spent in the 'lab' and start profiting from it today. I'm going to show you what follow up emails to send, and when to send them.

And much, much more!

You don't have to be an experienced marketer to start profiting from this today. Heck, I seriously believe that the ideas inside Mailing Lists Unleashed are so powerful that absolutely anyone could profit from this completely from scratch.

This is a step by step guide to building the kind of mailing list that will earn you money for years to come!

This is never before released content and I might never reveal it again...this is powerful information and you're going to be one of the first to grab it!

Some Valuable Bonuses....If You Act Now

I always work hard to overdeliver and I'm not going to stop now!

Sure, this is my best book yet and absolutely jam packed full of value but there's always room for more...

If you download Mailing Lists Unleashed NOW then you're also going to gain access to these incredibly valuable bonus items as well!

Bonus #1
Exclusive Access To David's Buyers Only Newsletter

Inside Mailing Lists Unleashed you're going to find everything I know about running a profitable newsletter and email list.

But I'm not going to leave it there though which is why my friend David Whitfield is going to send you his preferred customers only VIP newsletter. You're going to receive valuable free content and tips only available to buyers of this package.

Bonus #2
FREE Premium Level Mailing Lists Unleashed Updates

The market place is changing at an incredible pace and it's important to keep up. Heck, If you get left behind in this industry it could be fatal which is why I'm proud to offer free premium level updates for life.

When  Mailing Lists Unleashed is updated, you'll be the first to know, and and the updates delivered direct to your inbox the within minutes of it being ready.

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Bonus #3
27 - Marketing Tools ebook with MASTER RESELL and  GIVEAWAY RIGHTS!

This information packed ebook describes 27 important marketing tools that Lee uses to transform his business into the multimillion dollar business it is today.

Every page has a complete discription, instructions, advice, screen shots and most importantly Lee's insights.

You’ll find a list of internet marketing tools that can be used to take your business forward, and he personally uses every tool weekly. In fact, Lee's $20,000 month simply wouldn’t have been possible without the tools listed below.

And the best part of all is that each and every tool is 100% FREE

You can sell this ebook, or give it away  but you can not alter any of Lee's content.

Bonus #4
13 Ways to Increase Your Profits Fast
In this special 32 page ebook Lee  shares 13 different techniques that he used to increase his profits fast.

Are these techniques ground breaking? Nope. Are they revolutionary?
No. But if you implement them in your business then you WILL make
more money.


Bonus #5
Quick Start Kunaki
If you're looking for a way to make your customers happier, provide more value, and make more money, then consider producing at least one physical product starting today. A type of product where you can sell the same information for a much higher price than an ebook, and still leave your customers raving.

With full master resell and giveaway rights

Bonus #6
24 Hour Product Creation - by Lee McIntyre

Essentially, you can use this information to quickly enter any market as a complete "unknown" and realistically start earning the same money (or more) as someone who's been plugging away at it for the best part of a year. And that's simply because of the power of associating yourself with high influence figures in your marketplace.  Personal use only

SUPER Bonus #7
List Building From Scratch

This is over 4 hours of interviews that Lee conducted with John Thornhill, Kevin Riley and Terry Dean.  Well known and leading list building experts who talk about the exact steps they took to build their list from scratch.

List Building From Scratch has a real world value of $297

You Explain How to Do it in a Step By Step Method

"I wish I'd read this book 4 years ago when I started dabbling in the IM world - it would have saved me thousands!

Not only do you explain why you need to build a list, you actually explain how to do it in a clear step by step method. I just loved step 6, it's one of these little butterfly secrets that just explodes the amount of sales you can make whilst building your list."

Andrew Stark, ListBanditExpert.com

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I've built a solid reputation for overdelivering at every opportunity and I'm certainly not going to stop now. Look, I know I could comfortably sell this course for $97 or more and at that price it would be a steal.

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Act NOW and discover how the gurus have got it all wrong and how you can create your own cash spewing newsletter or email list in any niche starting tomorrow!

The perfect book for anyone struggling to generate subscribers and make sales

"Even with the attention span of a gnat, you'll get value from this ebook... because there's gold in the very first 10 pages!

If that's ALL you read in this ebook, you'll still have got 'value for money' - as mindset is what makes people successful, and Lee teaches the right approach in the first section of 'Mailing Lists Unleashed'

The rest of the ebook is loaded with value too. Though it seems hard to believe, there was one nugget (on pg.38) that I had overlooked despite 9 years of working with email lists - and the one change I made to my list building process could boost my income by 5%... even without doing ANYTHING else different!

Nice ebook, Lee. Many people will benefit from your teaching."

Dr Mani

All The Risk is on Me!

I'm so confident that you'll love Mailing Lists Unleashed that I don't mind putting my whole reputation behind it which is why I'm backing it with a no risk 30 day GUARANTEE.

I'm so confident that Mailing Lists Unleashed works that I don't mind offering an iron-clad 100% money back guarantee!

And remember, I'm putting my whole reputation behind this rock solid product as well.

If you don't feel as though Mailing Lists Unleashed helps you grow a profitable mailing list then simply send me an email and I'll refund you in full. No questions asked.

A Quick Recap of What's Included...

A 79 Page Manual - This is the core of the Mailing Lists Unleashed package, and here you'll find everything you need to start your profitable list building today. (HINT: you could have your first campaign up and running in less than 2 hours)

Buyers Only Newsletter - Ever heard the term overdeliver? Yeah, well that's exactly what we're going to do when you download now. As a valued customer you're also going to receive a valuable FREE newsletter full of exciting and exclusive content. (NOTE: this is only available to buyers of this package.)

Free premium updates - When  Mailing Lists Unleashed is updated, you'll be the first to know, and and the updates delivered direct to your inbox the within minutes of it being ready.

27 Marketing Tools ebook - This information packed ebook describes 27 important marketing tools that Lee has used to transform his business into the multimillion dollar empire it is today.  This book comes with MASTER RESELL AND GIVEAWAY RIGHTS

13 Ways to more Profit - In this special 32 page ebook Lee  shares 13 different techniques that he used to increase his profits fast.  If you implement these techniques in your business then you WILL make more money.

Quick Start Kunaki- If you're looking for a way to make your customers happier, provide more value, and make more money, then consider producing at least one physical product starting today. A type of product where you can sell the same information for a much higher price than an ebook, and still leave your customers raving. With full master resell and giveaway rights to this book

24 Hour Product Creation - Lee's favourite method for creating your own high quality info products and entering ANY NICHE - in 24 hours or less.

List Building From Scratch - a series of interviews that Lee conducted with leading list building experts who talk about the exact steps they took to build their list from scratch with a real world value of $297.00

30 Day No Quibble Guarantee - Let us take the risk while you enjoy the benefits. If you don't feel that Mailing Lists Unleashed is worth every cent then drop David a line and he'll cheerily refund you in full.

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                                                                                   Lee McIntyreLee McIntyre
                Lee McIntyre and                             David Whitfield

P.S. Remember, this is 100% original content that will teach you how to start profiting from the new power of online giving. This is powerful information that has never been revealed before and will show you how to build deep relationships and earn huge amounts from the smallest of lists.

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