Could this be the best thing that has happened to cooking since the invention of fire?

Who else wants to Help Save Lives, Reduce Poverty and Improve the  Environment?”

Keep Reading To Learn How you can  have fun cooking, while Reducing Poverty and helping Save the environment.

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Re: How getting SolFood: Food for the soul, cooked with the Sun will HELP SAVE LIVES, REDUCE POVERTY AND IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT, while you enjoy the stories and great recipes in our Action Cookbook.

From: David Whitfield
David Whitfield


Thanks for stopping by.    Would you agree that all too often in today’s world, speed is considered an end in itself?  We have fast food, instant coffee, and frozen food aisles stretching around the world.  By cutting down preparation time, we reason, we free up time for other demands in life.   Yet this apparent bargain carries a high cost in the long term. We find ourselves living with high blood pressure and high stress, consuming food without taking the time to enjoy it.

It’s time to remind ourselves that our consumption is bound by the limits of the Earth—and how better to do so than solar cooking?  I bet you may not have even heard of solar cooking yet but bear with us because this is not JUST about solar cooking and it WILL give you great recipes you can use in any conventional cooking method too!

My wife Ruth and I are very excited about sharing with you our solar cooking adventures and recipes caringly gleaned by our team from over 15 years of evangelizing clean, sustainable, environmental and user friendly technologies in Bolivia, but first let me ask . . . .
What if . . .

You could help prevent some of the 2 million deaths each year (of mostly women and children) attributed to what the World Health Organization calls the silent killer in the kitchen?

Did you know that the white or dark "smoke" which can be seen is really tiny particles of unburned material that when breathed in become impregnated in ones lungs effectively reducing the transfer of oxygen and toxic matter to and from the blood, resulting in death, lack of mental and physical development in babies,  and more? . . .

a smoke filled kitchen

Imagine . .  .

Your child having to pull up shrubs or gather sticks on their way to and from school every day just so that they can have something to eat there or when they or their mom or dad come home from work.
Children collecting brush for fuel in Bolivia
Children playing around a solar cooker
Solar cooking is one of the cleanest, safest, most economical cooking methods we have . . .  but sadly too few are aware of it's existence, much less it's many benefits!

For me, it took years of living in a developing country before I learned to appreciate how this healthy, economical cooking method could revolutionize one of the most essential activities we all must experience on a daily basis  . . . food preparation.

What if...  Solar Energy really worked?
Thomas Edison betting on solar energy What if... you could actually harness the FREE power of the sun to cook a majority of your meals?

What if... you could use your solar cooker as a "crockPot" style thermal cooker when there was not sun to provide Free solar energy?

What if... solar cooking could provide more nutrients than your traditional way of cooking PLUS give you back 15 to 20 hours a week that used to be used to control the cooking process?

What if... it was so easy that even a child could do it without burning themselves?

Cooking with the sun is environmental and people friendly......

Solar cooking requires a different mindset. It demands some planning and patience, but you will find that these values yield much more satisfying results and lasting life changes than its faster and more wasteful alternatives.

You don´t have to stir or worry about your food burning in a solar cooker, so you have more time to sit back and relax while the sun does all the work.  But, as much as I am pro solar cooking, we built our recipes in such a way that they can be used in any cooking method.  I still personally encourage you to slow cook though, as that does help retain the nutrients and vitamins much as happens when you slow cook in a solar cooker.

So what makes me think I can tell you about solar cooking and  saving the world (helping the environment)? well....

I have been solar cooking since 1997 and if you could see my waistline you would know I enjoy eating about as much as I like to cook.

But more than a solar cook, I have dedicated years to finding and implementing  solutions.  It was in 2003, after having lived in Bolivia for over 15 years that, I was impacted with the urgent need of expanding alternative cooking technology to counteract serious health, environmental and economic issues born primarily by women and children that I cofounded the Center for Development with Solar Energy and currently am Executive Director.

Prior to forming CEDESOL, I led solar cooking uptake through the small social enterprise, Sobre la Roca: Energías Alternativas, where I and my wife Ruth (herself a Bolivian) developed a successful social methodology used even today by many local and international organizations.   Long ago I learned the importance of team work and I attribute our success to our talented and dedicated team of mostly women working with women.

In several progressive consulting and program development contracts with the German Technical Cooperation Agency and other organizations in Bolivia, we helped implement the use of thousands of ecological cookers. We demonstrated that local conditions are what dictate solar cooker style; matching technology with culture and participant preference has been one of our keys to successful uptake.

We are currently moving forward a Voluntary Emissions Reduction project listed in the Gold Standard involving 54,000 families and reducing 500,000 tonnes of carbon during 10 years.  I was nominated for the Global Leadership award in Kampala Uganda in 2009 at the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum and have participated as a speaker or trainer at conferences/workshops in Africa, Spain, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, USA, Paraguay, Peru and Bolivia.

Since 2004 I have worked with some fantastic and incredibly talented volunteers.  During our travels on the long back roads into the remote rural areas we work in, stories about our many adventures and some crazy things that have happened to us over the years often just kinda spilt out.  It was during some of those times that the idea and synergies for SolFood came about.... adventure stories are always good for the soul.

The word SOL in Spanish sounds just like SOUL in English but it means SUN...

We hope you agree that our play on words has indeed transitioned into Food for your Soul...

SolFood: Food for the Soul cooked, with the Sun:
is the answer you've been searching for.

sol food book front cover

Solar  cooking in the Plaza Colon Cochabamba Bolivia

SolFood is a cookbook, but it isn't just a cookbook. 

In its pages you'll find all the information and advice you need to start solar cooking in your own backyard, plus over 54 solar cooking recipes to put on your table.   We're also sharing many of the CEDESOL team's adventures, gleaned from over a decade of not-for-profit work in Bolivia and around the world.

Baking cakes while solar cooking

Solar ovens, using a free and renewable resource, allow for cooking that does not demand constant attention or fuel replenishment.    They help to empower women and children, who would otherwise be confined by the need to gather biomass fuel and tend to their cooking.

A very attractive plate of food cooked in a solar cooker

Using SolFood: Food for the Soul Cooked with the Sun is like choosing a lifestyle that can help change the world for the better. So it is not JUST for solar cooks.  ANYONE can benefit from it!! even you

We hope the stories will stimulate you to take adventures—not only in cooking, but in every part of life.    Feel inspired to encourage others to join you for dinners or try solar cooking in their own homes.

Happy recipients of Solar Cookers in a project in Bolivia

A percent of profits from your purchase will contribute directly to our efforts: promoting and distributing ecological cooking systems in order to combat poverty and pollution in disadvantaged Bolivian communities.

But we wont just take your money,  we believe in  AYNI the Quechuan term for the practice of reciprocity. And we commit to giving you back more value than we receive.

Just look over our contents page and see all the great things waiting for you inside SolFood!

SolFood table of contents 1

SolFood table of contents part 2

Check out the chapters in the recipe section!

SolFood adventure Baking SolFood
Ruth baking cheese pies
SolFood soups
Salads and more Entrees in SolFood
Baked Apple

It's plain to see that SolFood can impact your life almost immediately, but you don't have to just take my word for it...

See What These Experts Have To Say About SolFood: Food for the Soul, Cooked with the Sun!

Bev Blum  


"This is the most beautiful I've seen of many solar cookbooks around the world."

Hi Dave and Ruth,

This is the most beautiful I've seen of many solar cookbooks around the world. Congrats on this great addition to the world of solar cooking..Hearty best wishes for successful marketing.


Bev Blum
CoFounder Solar Cookers International


Pat showing panel cooker  


"You have done a splendid job of telling your story, explaining ecological cooking and providing your readers with a lot of awesome recipes"

Dear Ruth and David,

I just finished reading your cookbook and my mouth is watering. You have done a splendid job of telling your story, explaining ecological cooking and providing your readers with a lot of awesome recipes (I'm trying to cut down on meat, so I really loved all your vegetarian recipes).   Congratulations on a really great publication.  I'm going to use some of these recipes in my field demo.

All the best,


Patricia McArdle
YouTube Channel solarwindmama

"Qatra, qatra darya mesha."
Drop by drop it becomes a river.
--Afghan Proverb


Sharlene and cooker  


"The recipes are very easy to follow and there are several I can't wait to try. This is a beautiful cookbook that is a must-have for everyone."

I love that the history of CEDESOL has been included to bring solar cooking into the 21st century. The recipes are very easy to follow and there are several I can't wait to try. This is a beautiful cookbook that is a must-have for everyone.

Sharlene Thomas


Jack Anderson  


"I love your cookbook and enjoyed it so much.. It may be the best one out there..."

Hola David and Ruth,
I love your cookbook and enjoyed it so much.. It may be the best one out there...on the market for the world to read. I presume you have a Spanish version too, which will be so useful and inspiring in countries with that language and decent sunshine. 

The quotes from all the famous people really caught my attention, but they also set a valuable tone to the book. some of them are very inspirational. and many of the recipes sound mouth watering! I looked up the mainstreamsolarcooking site and was impressed by that too. I hadn’t heard of it before. I am sure there is a lot more I will glean from the book in the future and will make sure it gets top billing on the Kyoto Twist website..

All the best,

Jack  Anderson & Mary Ann Lammersen


Dar Curtis and HotPot cooker  


"Page 53
These are the best haybasket instructions I've seen. I'll quote from them, too."

David and Ruth,

Touching ending! You have told your story clearly and affectingly. It describes the enormous investment which must be made to transfer our technologies successfully. I will urge all to read it who express interest in doing the job properly. Thank you.

Page 28
Chris Pell. I'm glad you mentioned Chris as well as the difficulty of arranging credible evaluations. In my opinion, the work Chris did in Bolivia is the best we have ever been able to acquire. I cite it frequently.

 Page 53
These are the best haybasket instructions I've seen. I'll quote from them, too.

Thank you for the compliment of sharing this inspiring story with me. I look forward to the finished product.

Dar Curtis

CoFounder Solar Household Energy


Alex Kee and Thermos cooker  


"Congratulations, well done!"

Dear David,
The adventures of a man and his wife in bringing some sunshine into the suffering lives of the most needy people in Bolivia whose only abundant resource is fresh air and sunlight.

Amidst the challenge of providing sufficient daily survival household energy while not causing further devastating deforestation, David looked up and precisely, the solution is from above: the Sun, and the rest, is history as recorded in this book.

Alex Kee

AkayConsult, Malaysia,

alexkee (@)


In Bolivia we practice a type of "Over-delivery"
learned from the Quechuans  called

We have actually spent a great deal of time, energy and resources  to find or develop Bonuses and Products that complement "SolFood" - our  Adventure Solar e-CookBook. These products will help you develop the tools you need to make better decisions about your life while you enjoy helping us reduce poverty and improve the environment.

We acquired resell rights  to many cookbooks just so that we could provide you MUCH more than you might have expected.  With this offer we will  give you 7 cookbooks to accompany your new adventure solar cookbook.  The aggregate value of these 7 BONUS cook books is $100.00!

Bonus cook books 7 Fantastic Recipe Books suitable for use with or without a solar cooker, worth over $100.00

This is unheard of¡¡¡¡.  A $100 bonus for a $19.97 product!

And this SUPER YAPA bonus just may be the last recipe books you will ever need..

My personal favorite are the CrockPot recipes but all of them are special.
Just look at what your are about to discover and gain access to:

Bullet  Recipes from around the World Vol 1 - 735 pages - $14.97

Bullet  1000 Atkins diet recipes - 243 pages - $14.97

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Bullet  The bread and biscuit baker's assistant - 83 pages - $12.98


  101 Recipes for the deep fryer - 109 pages - $11.97

We spent over 2 years assembling and polishing our Adventure e-Cookbook, but that wasn't enough to fulfill our vision of AYNI (reciprocity) and YAPA (Over-Delivery) Quechuan terms from the Andes civilizations

In our amazing, entertaining e-cookbook you get over 54 easy to follow step by step solar cooking recipes and while you are enjoying the slow cooking, we also provided fun stories, giving insight into working here in Bolivia in 135 pages delivered via .pdf for immediate access

But wait, it doesn't matter if you don't have a solar cooker.  The recipes are great even when cooked in traditional ways and you still get the entertaining stories, the 7 additional traditional cook books and we are throwing in FREE updates to our ebook for the next year.  Plus. and this is important to both of us, your purchase helps us to be able to keep delivering healthy clean cooking, clean air, and clean environment to many beneficiaries in Bolivia.

We know that by kindling a right relationship with you both of us benefit and the truth is, that can be priceless.

So, take a moment to add up JUST the price value of what we are delivering and you will see that, if they were sold separately they would cost you a real world value of $161.97!

SolFood: Food for the soul cooked in the Sun  - 134 pages of insights, entertainment and healthy eating  $37 value!
Bonus # 1:   7 highly popular and valuable Cook Books. $ 105.00 value!
Bonus # 2:  Complete updates to the adventure Cookbook, SolFood: Food for the soul cooked in the Sun for 1 year.
$19.97 value!

Total Real World Value:

Your Price Today:
Just $47  $19.97
And It Comes with This 30-Day
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100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

That’s right... We are completely confident that you will be satisfied with "SolFood: Food for the Soul Cooked with the Sun" but because I want to make this a "no brainer" for you,  I will provide you with the most generous offer of a 30 day, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Here is how it works: Order today and you will gain instant access to the membership site where you can download your Adventure cook book "SolFood" immediately, as well as all the bonuses. If within 30 days you are NOT completely happy with our cookbook, simply send me an e-mail for a full, complete refund… no questions asked!

You can’t find a more generous offer than that!


limited time offer

Take The Next Step In Your Quest For Health
And A Better Life NOW

Is this ebook for you?

Here is a simple test to see if his book will be useful and enjoyable to you:

  1. Do you like adventure stories?
  2. Are you concerned for the environment?
  3. Do you want to do something to reduce your environmental impact?
  4. Does it bother you that just everyday living contributes to global warming?
  5. Do you like to cook?
  6. Do you solar cook?
  7. Do you not solar cook?
  8. Do you want to eat healthy?
  9. Do you want your children to inherit a better planet?
  10. Do you have friends that might say yes to any of the above?
So how did you do?  Did you say yes to 3 or more questions?  Well then this book is for you!!!

Ok, it's time to take that next step in your quest for a better life.  This ebook is so entertaining and the recipes clearly show how to prepare them in traditional methods with or without a solar cooker.  You do NOT need to be a solar cook or have a solar cooker to enjoy this book!!!

Plus, we are giving you a NO RISK, no questions asked guarantee, so that you can join with us and help create hope and a better life for the many thousands who are truly needing one. 

So, hit the ADD TO CART button below before we come to our senses and revert the price back to $47.

Yes, David! I want in NOW and...

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Bullet  all updates to SolFood for the next year.

Bullet  I can refund for any reason or no reason whatsoever within the next 30 days



Best of success,

Signiture David Whitfield

David Whitfield

P.S. You are just a click away from experiencing the joy of Solar Cooking, adventure stories, and improving the environment while helping your fellow "man".

P.P.S. After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access all the Bonuses, in the membership site as well as the Adventure Solar e-CookBook in the next few minutes.

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